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We enhance and accelerate your Metaverse Project by implementing technical and development techniques exactly according to your needs. We are a Metaverse development company and a virtual-world virtuoso with a vast experience and expertise in Blockchain, AR & VR. We create 3D virtual spaces with mind-blowing designs, profitable NFTs, Metaverse applications & marketplaces, decentralized platforms via the latest blockchain development platforms, and everything Mertatverse.

Metaverse Development Services

At Bettoblock, our developers strive to provide futuristic Metaverse development services. We can help you build an outstanding digital presence globally through next-gen Metaverse tools and technologies. Our developers are highly skilled and trained to develop metaverse products and services that stand out.

Services We Offer

Exclusively designed for businesses and Startups, Bettoblock provides high-tech metaverse development services for your business to unlock the advantages of 3D spaces, mind-blowing & realistic visuals and real-life interaction, and immersive experience.
Metaverse Integration Services

We provide integration services to help improve the features and functionalities of your Metaverse, enhancing it to deliver a rich user experience. Our service portfolio includes system integration consultancy and integration services for APIs, data, ecosystem tools, and service-oriented architecture.

Metaverse Game Development

We are a metaverse game development company. Our metaverse game development services are futuristic and built on the latest tools and technologies. We integrate impressive 3D virtual environments, play-to-earn gaming modules, NFTs marketplaces, and much more.

Metaverse App Development

We provide Metaverse Application development services for almost all industries including corporate, education, gaming, and retail. Our web-based solutions are next-gen and tailored according to clients’ needs. We revolutionize business operations with our top-notch app development services.

Metaverse 3D Space Development

When it comes to 3D space development, our expert team of highly-skilled developers and designers leave no stone unturned. With 3D visualization, 3D modeling, and interoperability components, Bettoblock excels at delivering Metaverse projects that bring transformation.

Empowering Industrial Revolution Through Blockchain Development Services.

Blockchain development services are spreading like a wildfire across tons of industries. Following are the industries that we digitally transform through our blockchain development solutions.
Requirement Analysis & Planning

It starts by understanding the client’s requirements and creating a detailed plan accordingly.


Following the planning, it’s time to convert the client’s concept into an attractive UI/UX design.


With designing done, it is time to deal with source code, API, database, and other technical aspects.


Before the fantasy sports platform is sent for deployment, it has to go through QA and testing.


It’s time to launch the fantasy sports platform. Depending on the platform, it can take upto 2 weeks.


After launch maintenance and support services are essential to the platform's high ranking.

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Metaverse Solutions We Provide

Bettoblock team of experts, developers, designers, and strategists; can help you develop the best solution for your Metaverse project. We strive to cover all your needs in a project and achieve your organization's desired goals. Our team integrates various Metaverse solutions to ace your project. Get in Touch
Decentralized Network

Our metaverse projects are scalable and developed on a high bandwidth. We facilitate high-speed decentralized data transmission for persistent and immersive connections. We strive to provide an excellent user experience.


We keep interoperability mode on to support media including text, video, images, audio, 3D assets & items, vectors, and more. We make sure that the user experience in our developed virtual space is swift and immersive.

Full-Stack Programming

We use the latest and high-tech programming tools and technologies to serve the language standards and integrate high-end front-end and back-end development tools. Our used languages include JavaScript, WebXR, HTML, WebAssembly, and Shader Language.

Smart Contract

Metaverse needs seamless operations of transactions too. Thus, we provide smart contracts development facilities in your metaverse platform that enables safe, transparent, and permissionless transactions in your virtual space for a better user experience.

Crypto Wallets

With our scalable metaverse space development, we provide a convenient payment system that serves globally. Our crypto wallets and payment gateways are made with new technologies that enable swift transactions and liquidity pools.


We strive to make your Metaverse updated and reliable. Our maintenance services provide the assurance of never letting your network, nodes, and smart contracts face any kind of downtime and cause inconvenience to your platform users.

Process We Follow

Reach Out To Us

Fill up the contact form at the bottom of this page protected by NDA. Schedule a call with our experts, anyday according to your availability.

Get A Consultation

Once our experts receive your application, they will schedule a call with you when you can clear all your queries and know your project feasibility.

Get A Cost-Estimate

After reviewing your requirements of the project, we share with you a project proposal with cost-estimate and timeline of the project.

Kickstart Project

Once the agreement is signed, our experts from different disciplines join the forces to embark on the kourney of your project kickstart and completion.

Metaverse Development Services Company

Bettoblock is a leading Metaverse Development company that provides top-notch SaaS-based solutions. We offer you an interactive online platform that you can customize according to your needs. Our Metaverse spaces are highly interactive, deeply immersive and provide next-level user-experience.
Swift Development Process

Our entire development process is swift and agile. We strive to bring effectiveness and reliability in your project. We provide you expertise in developing top-notch projects that your customer would adore.

High-Quality Guarantee

Our team of developers, designers, and strategists aim to create next-level projects that serve our client’s needs and also stand out from all the other projects out there. We at Bettoblock, guarantee quality.

24 Hours Assistance

You are never alone in the development process when you’re seeking development services from Bettoblock. Our developers and support team are always on the edge of their seats to help you solve your queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Investing in metaverse technology is, in fact, at its greatest right now. To assist you to begin working on your metaverse project, we offer complete consultancy services and technological solutions.
Building sophisticated and graphically interactive metaverse applications can be made easier with the aid of a metaverse development business like Bettoblock.
In general, it would cost between $15k and $20k/month for a single project, depending on the timeline involved.
The metaverse is expected to shift humans towards virtual living, reducing the need for physical travel and creating digital workspaces.

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